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August gardening tips

A garden in autumn colours

August’s gardening essentials

  1. Tip 1 Check all plants, especially newly planted ones, for water on a regular basis. Water deeply and thoroughly as needed.
  2. Tip 2 Water is very important at this time of the year, remember to water all plants, including plants in baskets, pots and water hydrangeas; with hydrangea colourant.
  3. Tip 3 Spruce up your summer landscape with beautiful colour in containers and hanging baskets.
  4. Tip 4 Insects such as cockroaches, ants, slugs, silverfish, earwigs, fleas, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, and carpet beetles can be a problem in August. Try to keep them under control.
  5. Tip 5 Fertilise fruits and vegetables as needed.
  6. Tip 6 Stake tomato plants.
  7. Tip 7 If necessary, spray tomato plants and other vegetables to control diseases.
  8. Tip 8 If your lawn is in bad shape due to drought stress, insects, weeds or other reasons and you are considering a total renovation, August is the time to get started.
  9. Tip 9 August is the best time to control grubs in the lawn.
  10. Tip 10 If needed, apply a fungicide to the lawn to control turf diseases such as brown patch and others.
  11. Tip 11 Continue to feed houseplants with a good quality indoor plant.
  12. Tip 12 If needed, re-pot root bound houseplants to a larger pot.
  13. Tip 13 August is the perfect time to plant Mustard and lettuce.
  14. Tip 14 Make sure your always one step ahead of those weeds, not only do they look ugly but can a pain to other surrounding plants by competing with them. An easy way to remove weeds is with a Dutch Hoe.

Week-by-week gardening tips for August

Week 1

  • Pinch out the growing tips of wallflowers for bushy plants.
  • Deadhead regularly to encourage more flowers unless you want seeds or hips to form.
  • Order spring-flowering bulbs to plant in the autumn.
  • Check containers every day to see if they need watering.
  • To summarise, keep watering.
  • Organise basic care for your garden before you go away on holiday. Watering and harvesting are the tasks that need very regular attention as the soil becomes extremely dry during the season.

Week 2

  • Apply a high-potash liquid feed to dahlias, watering regularly and tie in new growth to stakes .
  • Prune espaliers and cordon-grown apple and pear trees.
  • Plant summer varieties of strawberries to crop next year.
  • Start off the first spring cabbages.
  • Remove the growing tips of tomato plants in the greenhouse to encourage rapid development of the fruits on the top trusses.
  • Hand weed heather beds and replace mulch if necessary.
  • Most plants should be in flower now, take cuttings for the house.
  • Keep an eye out for pests and insects, these are commonly spotted at this time of the year.
  • Berries should be ready if planted, harvest these.

Week 3

  • Give conifer hedges their annual trim and reduce the growth on new spring-planted conifers to make a thicker hedge.
  • Check for reversion on variegated shrubs and trees and remove all green shoots.
  • Plant dwarf bulbous irises for winter colour.
  • Tidy the pool by deadheading marginal aquatic plants and removing excess growth from submerged oxygenating plants.

Week 4

  • Check regularly to see if plants need water. Hanging baskets and small containers may need watering every day.
  • Sow over wintering onions, such as Japanese varieties, for harvesting early next summer.
  • Prune summer-flowering shrubs over three years old as they finish flowering.
  • Repair, clean and disinfect the greenhouse during the quite summer period, putting all the plants outside temporarily.
  • Most plants should flower.